Looking For A Bed And Breakfast For An Enjoyable, Relaxing Weekend Break?

A bed and breakfast experience is something everybody has to have had at some point in their lives. Are you planning on getting away from city for a relaxing and enjoyable weekend break? Then maybe the bed and breakfast experience is something you should try out. Most people will either visit a hotel or a motel while they are travelling from one place to the next. But if you want an experience that is a bit more, warm, homely, relaxed, intimate and even romantic… then you should really give a bed and breakfast a shot. It is so much more than merely a place to sleep.

Staying at some cheap motel or hotel has the tendency to be a kind of soulless experience that you’ll soon forget, since all hotels and motels are essentially the same. Who would want to sleep in a generic room that simply does not have any personality, such as the rooms in a B&B ? When you go to a B&B, then you can rest assured that you will at the very least get a cozy room that has some character and history to it. It will make you feel right at home.

As generic as the rooms in your average hotel and motel are, so generic are the employees there as well. In a B&B, you will receive a personal treatment, rather than a cold, distant one. Most people I know enjoy the compassionate treatment you get in a B&B. B&B’s are not your run of the mill places to get food and sleep. They are usually run by friendly people who aren’t doing this to squeeze every cent from you. Instead, they are doing it because they enjoy taking care of their fellow human being.

Ofcourse, the average B&B is going to be a tad bit smaller than your average hotel. This is not necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it can be a good thing. A hotel can give you that crowded atmosphere feel. Whereas a B&B will give you all the peace and quiet you need. Most of them aren’t located in a busy city street, although some are. But then again, you can simply do your research and figure out which B&B you intend to visit. I always recommend that you go for one which is situated in a remote, quiet place.

With a B&B, you will get a free breakfast. Free meaning that you won’t be charged extra for the breakfast. It is included in the price you’ve paid for your night’s rest. A good bed and breakfast distinguishes itself further from your average hotel by supplying you with a much better meal, which the owners of the B&B will prepare for you themselves. You will not find this experience in a cheap hotel. One of the greatest advantages to bed and breakfasts are that you get to request specifications for your breakfast. You can’t even begin to try this when you are staying at a run of the mill hotel. For example, you can specifiy whether you like your eggs fried or poached. You can request a certain number of bacon slabs. And you also get to choose whether or not you want cheese on your egg.

But bed and breakfast inns are more practical in more ways than one when you compare them with hotels and motels. Generally speaking, motels and hotels are equally priced in comparison to the average B&B. But the thing with hotels and motels is that they charge you extra for making phone calls, attending a movie, parking your car, and attending other kinds of services. But with a B&B, you will have all this included in the daily charge. Depending on how long you plan on staying, you will be saving hundreds of dollars in comparison to a hotel.

So while they may cost the same as a hotel, a B&B is a way more personal and enjoyable experience, from you which you will get at least three times the satisfaction. You can not possibly get this from a motel. When you are going on a fun trip, it’s not just your destination that matter. It is also the place where you will be staying during your trip. Combining a fun trip with a great place to stay is a pretty good combination. And it honestly does not get any better than a bed and breakfast!